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The Full Story

Who am I?

A copywriter. Creative visionary. Strategic thinker. Diversity and inclusion advocate. Storyteller. DIY craft lover. Disney movie enthusiast. Health and wellness fanatic. Sushi lover. World explorer. Forever student. Natural leader. Queen of aesthetics. Georgia peach. Event planner. [Fake] Plant mom.


Words can express a lot, but only so much. Check out some of the experiences that help tell the whole story of me.

Women In Media-55_edited.jpg

For the past two years, I served as the President of Women in Media, UGA's first ever student-led and women focused professional development organization. During this time, I planned countless events and programs, built a tight-knit community of women, and made a difference on my school's campus.

Admittedly because of a global pandemic, I started a small craft business with my sister during the height of quarantine. We combined her skills of crochet with my love of crafts and branding to create the cutest Instagram shop you've ever seen! (And sadly, no, we're no longer taking orders)

Screen Shot 2022-02-27 at 7.41_edited.jpg

Traditions Highway Roadtrip

Any college student or alumni can tell you that all college courses are not created equal. However, my New Media Capstone class holds a special place in my heart. My group members and I went on a mini road trip to get more insight on the app we were creating. This experience went beyond the classroom, and allowed me to do the things I love: traveling, creating, and making precious memories!

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